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Cox Decompression Technique:

Dr. Most is certified in the Cox Decompression Technique. This technique was developed by Dr. James M Cox in the 1960's & has been proven through research to increase the IVF(intervertebral foramen-where the spinal nerve exits the spinal column at each level of the spine) by 28% & increase the disc space height by 20% allowing the  pressure in the spine & disc to drop by up to -192mmHg.

Patients experiencing less than 20 mmHg in the spine will be asymptomatic. At 20 mmHg of pressure the patient will experience pain and numbness, tingling, pins & needles, stiffness, or muscle tension/tautness. At 60 mmHg the patient will experience an increase in pain intensity, symptoms radiating into the extremities(legs/arms), muscle tension increasing to cramp or spasm, difficulty &/or inability to change position without an increase in symptoms(may experience shooting or stabbing symptoms) & episodes of back or leg weakness resulting in almost falling or collapsing to floor. If pressure accumulates to 100-250 mmHg the patient will experience pain/symptoms greater in the extremities than the back(back pain severity can range from mild to severe), antalgic posture to anterior & lateral(left or right), weakness in back or legs causing patient to fall to ground, possible bowel or bladder incontinence, and an inability to change position without severe pain or spasms.
There are 2 parts to the Cox technique:

  1. Axial distraction/decompression on patients not experiencing symptoms below the elbow or knee.
  2. Low force flexion distraction/decompression utilizing Protocol 1 or 2 depending on patient symptomatology. This restores the patient's range of motion, decrease symptoms, and return the patient to their lifestyle activities. Treatment frequency & duration will vary depending on severity, duration, & frequency of symptoms. It is important for all patients to follow their treatment schedule and any at-home activities such as stretching to reduce muscle tension & using ice to reduce inflammation.

For more information on this technique, the research that has gone into it and how the Cox Decompression Technique works, visit


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